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This is where you’ll find me rambling about my thoughts, life experiences, the PhD, my hometown, and my love for Neapolitan customs and food. Also, some cool science I find around.

An unwanted companion – the imposter

This conversation is taking longer than I was expecting, but there is one thing I have purposely left behind.

It was something deeply embedded into myself but that I’d never heard before. Never. It was the imposter.

And what did I learn?

If you go back and read the whole PhD and then what series, you can find plenty of hints on how important doing a PhD abroad has been for my personal growth.

But what is that I am most grateful for?

But what did I do during my PhD?

So far, I’ve been talking a lot about why I decided to do a PhD, the issues I’ve encountered and what’s my job now that I’ve left academia. But I’ve not really mentioned my actual research.

Thinking back to my PhD, it’s almost like the research I’ve carried out sits the background of my personal growth. On the contrary, it was one of the main actors, forcing me to step up my game, leave my comfort zone and learn something new every day.

So, I packed my bags and left

This is the third “episode” of my PhD journey series. Where I go a teensy bit into moving abroad. Where did I go? What was so difficult about it? What did I learn? What is that I will never let myself forget?


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