One year of pandemic. How am I coping?

As days become longer and weeks seem to get shorter, we have “celebrated” one year into the pandemic.

Empty supermarket one year ago in Austin

How is everybody holding up?

I guess we’re sort of ok, but I think the impact on our mental health (at least on mine) will last way longer than the pandemic itself. We are doing what we can to stay healthy and happy. We are working, cooking, playing Nintendo and enjoying life together. But everything is so freaking tough!

We are also not going back home for Easter: it’s too dangerous to fly, and there is too much quarantine involved. And this does not make things better. I am waiting for the vaccination with such high expectations, but I think it is not going to happen any time soon. Not for me, at least.

However, I do try to keep myself distracted.

Once again, my coping mechanism is to do as many things as possible.

I am taking a German class. That keeps me busy twice per week, so its good.

I’m not looking too happy while learning German

It seems to me that German is a bit of a mixture between English and Italian with these Latin reminiscences (which I studied in school for like 7 years).

How many languages do you speak?

I speak two/three (Italian and English plus Neapolitan) and a teensy bit of Arabic and German. My favourite part of learning new languages is learning also about a community in a way that you could not otherwise.

Since time is still too much, and I really don’t want any left, I have also joined an online community of people from the South of Italy, Scostumat*. People with different backgrounds and competencies living worldwide that put together their energies to build hope and a brighter future for our beloved, mistreated home.

I am helping with the organization of a series of online events, and I cannot wait for them to start. I am so excited. Anyway, anyone from the South of Italy reading me, go check Scostumat* out!!

Why are you still here?? Go, go!

On a more personal note, I am about to start a series of blog posts (well, I am trying to find some time for that), a journey to and from my PhD, a reflection on the skills that are required and that are developed, a demonstration that – with the right tools – the paths that can be available to you are potentially infinite.

I am so excited about this. I think I will post every fortnight, so I have time to discuss every aspect of it properly.

If you’re interested in it, I plan to use Instagram as my main platform, so join us there and help me build a community of like-minded people.

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