A job I love and our first issue.

If you have followed my adventures on this blog, you probably know that this has been a weird year (I mean, wasn’t it for everyone?) in which I have tried to find myself, in the middle of a pandemic, on the other side of the world.

Finding myself, not always so easy!

It may be a bit early to say that I did succeed in my mission, but I just want to say this: I did get out of my PhD cage and I am back to Europe, in a job that I enjoy very much.

Today we published our first issue, and I feel so good. Like calm and happy. It’s not that happiness of passing an exam, when you removed a huge weight off your back. Is the happiness of seeing your name on that paper, of knowing that your constant work has got an outcome that could immediately be useful for someone. And that is also your job reaching them.

Look at me, I’m happy

I love that about it, I love to know that what I do can be helpful to so many teachers and I am trying my best to learn how to reach them all (well, if you happen to be or to know one, maybe help me spread the word?)

Thinking back at one year ago, when we moved to the US full of hopes, it is like if this year helped me in its own twisted way. I could have found any random jobs and get lost in something that was not me. Instead I could properly focus all my energy to get into something that had written my name all over it.

Not too long ago, I wrote on this very blog: “It is ok if what I desire, more than anything, for this title to do, is giving back to the community where I grew up. To help kids become fascinated with science, and adults rediscover that curiosity.”

Yes, is OK, and I can do it too.

Leaving for the US full of hopes.

I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to work at something in which I believe with all myself. I will keep doing all my best.

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