Here we go!

So we left each other with me talking about this new, incredible opportunity that I was lucky enough to grasp.

Since then, I moved back home from Texas and quickly to Germany, where I am 4 weeks into my first real job (in the slideshow a super quick move among continents).

Let’s see, what can I say so far?

I do not know where to start. I guess the job is the right place.

I know it’s only the very beginning, but I find it fun and stimulating; there are some afternoons when I do not want to stop working. And, although most of it is happening from home, I can feel the support and care of the team (this pandemic will have to stop eventually).

Where I live

The “forest” where the centre is (and where we are living now) makes the place really suggestive with the golden leaves in the sunny days (it’s so beautiful, omg). Walking in the middle of it and stopping at every pretty tree is my new favourite thing to do (the only issue is it gets dark quite early, so not too much room for that).

The Altstadt

I can honestly say that the old city is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. It gave me some Prague vibes, with the old bridge, the city gate, the gothic cathedral in the main square and the palace at the top of the hill. At the same time, it slightly reminded me of Munich, which has been one of my happy places.

After living in York for 4 years (one of the prettiest cities in the UK), I doubted I would be lucky enough to end up in another beautiful place. And yet, I did. The next step is finding a house in the Altstadt, and we are looking into that .

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