Great news and a fresh new start.

It has been a while since my last post, and I can tell that my life is very far from being figured out.

Very far!

However, it looks like I may have found a job I am really excited about.
I would say that I found the exact job I was looking for. And maybe something more.

I am so so so happy!!

I will be working as assistant editor for a teacher’s journal. A bridge between research excellence and school, between present and future. The perfect combination of science communication and outreach.

My happiness a year ago, when I handed my thesis in. I am even happier now!

It took me months to even get one interview; months of disappointments, anxiety, tailored CVs and cover letters sent into the void.

And I can tell, the university does not prepare you for that – especially grad school. Probably if I had been more in touch with the career office it would have been different, but when I completed my PhD I was totally unprepared for drafting a cover letter and tailoring a CV. But mostly, I had no idea about the interview.

And the whole process is so energy-draining that I have been in a constant state of anxiety and disappointment for months.

I had heard that failure was part of the process and that it was necessary to accept it and move to the next application.

However, it was not easy. Every single one of them made me question all the choices had made.

Did I pick the right high school? Why did I choose chemistry for my bachelor? Was it out of passion or did I just picked one I thought it would have worked? Why did I not study ancient literature or oriental languages?

Why did I go on with the master? Why didn’t I pick science communication? Why not archaeological chemistry?

And what about that PhD? Why did I do it? Why did I stay on the “wrong” path? And was miserable during it?

While questioning every choice I had made in my adult life, I had to keep sending CVs and writing cover letters, every time believing in it a little less, to the point that I started studying to become a science teacher in Italy.

Until I saw the job post for the perfect job! The application process was not too easy, but I was not alone this time (Free The PhD was by my side every step of the way), and I finally succeeded (Thanks for your help, really).

A toast to new beginnings

Life has been so much brighter since. I know that every choice I had made is bringing me where I am going next, and yes, I could have taken different paths to get where I am going, I just had no idea that was where I was going.

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