Why is my suitcase not packed yet?

My best friend, the suitcase

Today I was supposed to be packing my bags to go to Italy. I was supposed to go to a wedding on the first of May. One of my very best friends was getting married, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Of course, none of this is happening now, Italy being in lock-down and everything.

And I want to scream very loudly.

I have been living abroad for a long time – more than 5 years in total, always missing home like crazy, and always dreaming of going back to its beautiful landscape and that great food.

During all that time, having a return ticket and knowing when I would go home next helped me stay sane. And it helped my parents too, I’m sure.

Being so far – on the other side of the Pond, and not having a ticket anymore, is making this pandemic even more complicated to survive (well mentally, at least).

This is me being very Italian, everyone.

Anyway, everything else is going pretty well, and I am really glad I got stuck in this very house, newlywed, with my husband. Is this our honeymoon?

We got married right before moving to the USA, after spending 4 years in two separate countries – I was in the UK while he was in Germany, and landing our PhDs.

Of course, we were hoping to visit the USA, we started making plans for the summer. I wanted to go to Mexico and Cuba and to visit the other Southern states. It’s a real shame.

It’s almost like we are making up for all the lost time.

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