Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

From the seaside in Naples (Italy, not Florida), it’s 32 years that I am figuring out stuff (who I am, what I love, where I am going) and then changing my mind.

My curiosity led me to a PhD in chemistry (York, UK) and keeps driving me around, like an annoying itch in the brain. After a short stop in Texas (in the middle of the pandemic), and in Heidelberg (where I keep returning often) I now live in Munich, Germany, and I work in the editorial world (at Science in School).

My biggest dream is to give back to my community.
That’s why I co-founded UniConNet

I am an Italian Editor with a PhD in Chemistry

My Expertise

Social Media Management

I am the social media manager (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) at Science in School. I’ve also managed the social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) of organizations such as Bar Scienza, Scientistt, TiramiSud and Scostumat*. Now, I’m the founder – and social media manager – of phd_and_then_what and UniConNet.

Science Communication and Outreach

I believe that science and science communication are our biggest hope.

I have written a lot about Science for different types of audiences – from more specialised to the general public. Check out my portfolio page. Playing with chemistry is a thing I have not done when I was a kid, but something that everyone should be doing.

Laser and Mass spectrometry

During my PhD, I used an Nd:YAG laser to study how molecules interact with light. We used a laser-integrated mass spectrometer to study them in the gas phase. Alongside the PhD, I worked as a part-time technician in the mass spectrometry facility of the Department of chemistry on a broad range of instruments.