Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

From the seaside in Naples (Italy, not Florida), it’s 32 years that I am figuring out stuff (who I am, what I love, where I am going) and then changing my mind.

My curiosity led me to a PhD in chemistry (York, UK) and keeps driving me around, like an annoying itch in the brain. After a short stop in Texas (in the middle of the pandemic), and in Heidelberg (where I keep returning often) I now live in Munich, Germany, and I work in the editorial world (at Science in School).

I am an Italian SciCommer/Editor with a PhD in chemistry

I believe that science and science communication are our biggest hope.
My biggest dream is to give back to my community.
That’s why I co-founded UniConNet

My expertise

Science Communication and Outreach

I have written a lot about Science for different types of audiences – from more specialised to the general public. Check out my portfolio page. Playing with chemistry is a thing I have not done when I was a kid, but something that everyone should be doing.

Laser and Mass spectrometry

During my PhD, I used an Nd:YAG laser to study how molecules interact with light. We used a laser-integrated mass spectrometer to study them in the gas phase. Alongside the PhD, I worked part-time in the mass spectrometry facility of the Department of chemistry on a broad range of instruments.